Thursday, April 12, 2018

13.00 Conference Opening

Enrico Martionoia, University of Zurich
Heavy metals and plants: how plants can be used in cleaning up soils and producing safe food

Eric Bakker, University of Geneva
Closed bipolar membrane electrodes to translate electrochemistry into colour

Lu Wang, Stephanie Sadler, Eric Bakker, University of Geneva
Tunable ion-selective optode microsensors based on hydrophobic solvatochromic dyes

Felix Zelder, University of Zurich
Disassembly of metal-salen complexes for pyrophosphate detection

Suphasinee Sateanchok, Nadezda Pankratova, Maria Cuartero, Eric Bakker, University of Geneva
In-line thin layer sensors for phosphate determination in seawater
15.00 Coffee break

Debora Käser, Joachim Koch, Detlef Günther, ETH Zurich
Low coherence interferometry (LCI) for on-line monitoring of crater depths in ultrafast LAICPMS of conducting materials

Lyndsey Hendriks, Debora Thöny, Alexander Gundlach-Graham, Detlef Günther, ETH Zurich
Managing matrix effects for accurate nanoparticle sizing by single-particle ICP-TOFMS

Lena Schinkel, Christian Bogdal, Ronan Cariou, Kristopher McNeill, Nobert Heeb, Empa Dubendorf, ETH Zurich
In-source fragmentation of chlorinated paraffins impedes the analysis of chlorinated olefins by GC-ECNI-MS

Luzia Gyr, Renato Zenobi, ETH Zurich
Identification of reactive species in dielectric barrier discharge ionization MS: a case study with perfluorinated compounds

Alena Tierbach, Ksenia J Groh, Kristin Schirmer, Marc J-F Suter, Eawag Dubendorf, ETH Zurich
Glutathione S-transferase protein expression in defferent life stages of the vertebrate model zebrafish (Danio rerio)
16.45 Poster session
19.00 Dinner
  followed by Muh-Bar for those interested


Friday, April 13, 2018


Bodo Hattendorf, Lorenzo Querci, Debora Käser, Joachim Koch, Detlef Günther, ETH Zurich
Laser ablation under pressure for mass spectrometry-based element imaging without an ICP

Renato Zenobi, Tobias Bruderer, Martin T Gaugg, Malcolm Kohler, Nora Nowak, ETH Zurich
10.00 Coffee break

Vera I Slaveykova, University of Geneva
Environmental flow field-flow fractionation coupled to ICP-MS for exploring the bioavailability potential of metal-containing contaminants in the aquatic systems

David Ruskic, Gérard Hopfgartner, University of Geneva
Liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry with modifier assisted differential mobility spectrometry for tuning multidimensional separation selectivity

Marion Ort, Simon Backler, Dominik Hümmer, Alexander Stettler, Stefanie D Krämer, Petra S Dittrich, ETH Zurich, University of Basel
Novel drug permeability screening platform combining microfluidics and LC-MS

Carla Frege, Matthias Hill, Stefan Reimann, Martin K Vollmer, Empa Dubendorf
APRECON-TOF-MS: a state-of-the art instrument for the analysis of halogenated greenhouse gases

Christian Berchtold, Ralf Dumler, Boris Kolvenbach, Israel Joel Koenka, Veronika Butterweck, Peter C Hauser, Götz Schlotterbeck, FHNW Muttenz, University of Basel
Microwave plasma desorption and ionization for direct analysis without sample preparation

Rahel P Eberle, Stefan Schürch, University of Bern
Interaction of antitumor metallocenes with nucleic acids

Nora Nowak, Thomas Gaisl, Martin T Gaugg, Tobias Bruderer, Malcolm Kohler, Pablo Sinues, Renato Zenobi, Steven Brown, ETH Zurich
How can real-time breath analysis provide new insights into metabolism during sleep?

Caroline Davis, Kristopher McNeill, Elisabeth ML Janssen, ETH Zurich and Eawag Dubendorf
Non-singlet oxygen kinetic solvent isotope effects in photochemistry


General Assembly of the Division Analytical Sciences (DAS) of the Swiss Chemical Society


End of the meeting